Friday, February 28, 2014

Accountable Kids

Nid wants to share some incite into how he feels about our accountable kids program we use for chores and rewards as well as disciplining. I made ours up, but you can purchase the entire program from here  I personally love it.  It takes the guess work out of what the kids are responsible for as well as what consequences they have if they do not follow the family rules.  They know if they hit they lose a ticket. If they talk back they lose 2 tickets.  Tickets are used for basic privileges like computer time, t.v. time even outside playtime.  They earn tickets by doing basic chores.  Now we are all human and make mistakes...even Mom. Repentance is a big part of this program in our family.  There are always natural consequences to our actions and I want my kids to learn that the Lord always forgives but we all have to pay a price for the poor choices we make; losing a ticket, extra chores tec. They know that after they have repented they are forgiven and can start over again and are still loved no matter what.
Hi I wanted to tell you about what I would change about our program and what I wold keep on our program.  I think we should have 1 chore every day and, for real, if you finish all your chores you get a ticket like home work complete and the worst of all clear table!!! I absolutely hate clearing the table . I hope you agree with me . Don't you? The End until next time.  Oh, I forgot to say what I like about it.  If you get bonus bucks you get money, you get a lot of fun stuff like riding bikes and playing with friends and playing on the computer which I love the most.
   The picture below shows a compilation of my work and this awesome website that has a ton of the reminder cards and ideas

I like that we get to get tickets to play with friends and play with Mommy and Daddy. I was the first one to earn a date with Dad.  We went and bought me pants and shoes.  We  also went to a restaurant but it was too full so instead we went to a place that you could have breakfast anytime.  I got a waffle with strawberries, blueberries, syrup and whip cream. It was so good. I can't wait until I get to earn another date...maybe this time I'll go with mom.

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